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Kite Surfing in Sanur

I know I have written more than once about the scary boat trips that we have been on in South East Asia. But forget all of them, because this one really was the worst of the lot. It began with… Continue Reading →

Endless Sunsets, Gili Air

The last island of our Gili Islands adventure, Gili Air, Indonesia, did not disappoint. The three islands are very similar in look and feel, but they also have many differences. Gili Air is a nice combination of the two other… Continue Reading →

The Romantic Gili Island

The island of Gili Meno, Indonesia is the second largest of the three Gili Islands. It is also the least populated and developed. It is nicknamed “Honeymoon Island”, as it is frequented by couples. It is aptly named, as it… Continue Reading →

Facing Fears…again

The moment I – and anyone who read my blog from Ko Tao – had been waiting for, finally arrived. Will I or won’t I take the plunge and go diving again? Even I didn’t know the answer to this… Continue Reading →

Uber in Indonesia

I have a love-hate relationship with Uber. I love it when it works and I really hate it when it doesn’t. To make the hour and a half trip from Kuta Beach to Balian Beach we had planned on taking… Continue Reading →

The Corby Jitters

After two short flights from Penang (via Kuala Lumpur) we arrived at the Denpasar airport in Bali. Along with every kiwi and Australian who walks through that airport we thought of Schapelle Corby and did a thorough check of our… Continue Reading →

Beware of the Monkey

The speed boat from Penang Island to Langkawi was uneventful. Sure, there were bags piled over the entrance making it impossible to exit in an emergency and a curious lack of life jackets, but we were very used to this… Continue Reading →

Where is Penang?

Ben and I were having a peaceful sleep on the soft-rocking bus when we were rudely awoken by the bus stopping at a derelict roadside. The bus driver promptly told us to get off the bus and we stood there… Continue Reading →

Cheesecake for Breakfast

With promises of mountain vistas, cool air, and cheesecake for breakfast, we headed for the Cameron Highlands. Before we began the ascension up into the mountains, the bus driver pulled over and handed out vomit bags. “If you need more,… Continue Reading →

KL’s Secret Cocktail Bar

A new country and a new adventure awaited us. We were about to find KL’s secret cocktail bar. Our planning phase never made it this far through the trip (especially as we thought we would now be in India), so… Continue Reading →

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