Silver Star Mountain Resort is vibrant, cute and colourful. The buildings are painted every colour of the rainbow, leading to a playful look. Located near Vernon, SIlver Star is easily accessible and lots of fun. The village is located part way down the mountain, so you have the option of heading down or up from the main village.

We went to Silver Star Mountain Resort for Christmas. The “dream” as we call it, is skiing Christmas day. As overseas travelers we had no family to spend our special day with, which meant we could have the ski hill to ourselves for the day. On the one hand this was terribly sad, on the other it was snowy bliss. On this particular Christmas day there were no lines and barely any other people, except for the Australian lift operators. Luckily for us, it was a powder day. We spent our day swishing down the quiet runs, exhausting ourselves by lunch. A short run back to the village and we were at the pub for a Christmas lunch of beer and fries.

By the end of the day we had used up all our reserves. I wandered through the quirky village, calling in to the local store to look for something for dinner. Only finding a few limited options, I decided that we would find somewhere in the town of Vernon for dinner, but I had the forethought to grab a bottle of Moet (and pay for it) on my way out. After showers and a rest, we headed into the town for dinner. To our mighty dismay, the streets were empty and dark. There were no restaurants open for Christmas dinner, as our expectations sunk even Burger King could not offer us a meal. We had no food at our accommodation, so we sat idling in the car wondering like two lost souls if we were going to go hungry. The meal itself we could do without, but the thought of not celebrating Christmas with a meal was disheartening. As we crawled down the abandoned streets, we spotted a gas station with lights on. A quick look through the store lead to a pot of two-minute noodles and an ice cream each. Later that evening, we sat in front of our fire place, sipping on Moet and slurping noodles. It was our most unusual Christmas dinner yet, but probably the most memorable.

Back at the mountain, my favourite chair was Silver Woods Express, which at no time had any lines. The Comet Express offered plenty of terrain and was bathed in the afternoon sun, but this chair did attract the crowds later in the day. Even though it was only a 5-10 minute wait, this was too long for the likes of us. We ventured over the back to the Powder Gulch Express, but on this occasion the runs were a little icy. Given their steepness it wasn’t the most fun, so we didn’t spend too much time on this side. I hear it can be extraordinary, perhaps one day I’ll find out.