Big White Ski Resort is the best ski resort I have ever been to, in my bias opinion. The snow is fluffy, the runs are long, and there is plenty to choose from, depending on your abilities.

For me, a black run is a little too scary, a green run is far too easy, but a blue run is just right. This might be why Big White is my favourite resort. When you look at a map of Big White, it is scattered with blue runs left to right. The Black Forest Express chair provides access to an array of tree runs, both very wide and if you’re looking for a little safe, off-piste action. This chair was my happy place, my haven.

The Village was located three quarters of the way down the mountain. This meant when skiing along the middle two chair, you had to ski down funky runs that go around the hotels and accommodation on the final stretch to the chair. This adds an element of entertainment, as you whoosh past people relaxing in their spas after calling their day to an early close. The outer chairs avoided the village run, but meant it took a traverse to get back to the main village, unless you picked your runs carefully.

Lara’s Gondola takes you from the main car park up to the middle of the village. This is free to use, so a good way to explore when staying in the village. We stayed at the Inn at Big White, which although a little dated, was cozy and spacious. We had a private fireplace in our room, which was our favourite place after completing our ski day. We would sit in front of the fire, sipping on a well-earned beer and watch the eager skiers continue into their darkness. An added bonus, the mountain is open for night skiing. However, only one main run is open, so not the best for an experienced skier. After that, we would head to the outdoor spa to rest our aching muscles, assuming you could manage the freezing 50m dash from the changing rooms to the pool.

If you can afford to stay at the mountain there are other activities to do if you need a day off the ski hill. Snow shoe hires are available at the main lodge, with a small selection of trails to choose from. The main loop takes you past the majestic snow-covered trees, along an undulating track. There are also a number of meadows along the way to practice your snow angel skills. Fun for the kids… and the big kids. Cross country skiing trails also wind their way around the same area. An ice tower is also located at the beginning of the trails. For a minimal cost you can strap on a harness and boots, and have a go at ice picking your way to the top. Not for the feint of heart. If all that fails to appeal, then the outdoor skating rink might be preferred. The rink is cleared every day, providing a slightly lumpy rink to stretch your legs and glide. Once you’ve burnt off all those calories, head inside the lodge for delicious chocolate and whipped cream covered waffles.