Cancun is best known for its all-inclusive resorts and there’s a good reason for it. The resorts make you feel like royalty for as long as you can keep paying them and trust me, once you’re in you never want to leave. The warm air hits you as you get off the plane. Luckily the drinks are readily available as soon as you enter your chosen resort. We chose to stay in the adults-only Sun Palace, one of the many Palace resorts in the area. This means you can travel to the sister resorts and still use your all-you-can-eat-and-drink wrist bands. However, there is no shortage of food and drink at the Sun Palace.

We were treated to a lovely room with a view of the sea, with an in-room bar, bottle of champagne at the ready, and two bottles of alternative wine. As it was our honeymoon, there was also a dessert with “just married” waiting for us on the large dresser. Without realizing, we had been given a pink wristband which meant we were honeymooners, resulting in preferential treatment and well wishes. The Sun Palace had four restaurants to choose from, plus an option for room service. The restaurants served high quality food, including one authentic Japanese restaurant. As it is all-you-can-eat you are able to order as much as you can handle. Unfortunately, on a diet of Margaritas the ability and drive to consume large quantities of food becomes limited.

Along with the package we purchased, we were given $1,500 of resort credit. This covered a range of activities including swimming with the dolphins, a jungle jet-ski tour, snorkeling, a jet boat ride across the inlet, access to the local Wet ‘n’ Wild, a couples massage, and a private dinner under the stars. We were only required to pay the taxes and tip on top, which although added up quickly was still well worth the cost. Each day we were treated to an activity of some kind, along with the local resort activities such as volleyball, pool bingo and poker. The in-house activities are surprisingly fun and a good chance to interact with other travelers, although the all-inclusive resorts attract an older crowd.

With all the activities and food and drink options, it sounds like we didn’t get much pool time, but I’m pleased to report there was plenty of time to relax poolside. We also ventured a little further out on occasion and swum in the sea. The uniformly rolling waves were deliciously warm. Despite signs out saying the waves were dangerous, we found them much tamer than their New Zealand equivalents.

My experience in Cancun was magical. If you’re looking for adventure, backpacker-style travel, then it’s probably not the right destination, but for a honeymoon where your primary goal is rest, relaxation and some rays, then I can’t imagine it gets better than this.