Our second trip to Santiago was only for a day. We had done nearly everything we wanted to do there, so it was nice to have a day off from exploring and adventuring. We soon learnt that our first day in Santiago was a famous day of the year. It is the one day of the year that locals gather and riot in protest to the government. There were police everywhere as we sat in the taxi at 2am after our long bus ride. After a needed sleep in, we ventured outside. We had lunch with a Swiss guy from the hostel. Then we went to a bar to try a famous drink called the “Terramoto” (earthquake in english). It’s made of cheap white wine, pineapple ice cream and fernet. Fernet is a terrible local liquor. Despite the contents, the drink is surprisingly easy to drink.

When we arrived we ordered the drinks and Katie and I went to look for a table. We poked our heads in a small room and everyone started yelling “photo! photo! photo!”, then we were dragged across the room and cameras started flashing. We were surrounded by local Chileans who were so exited to see us. We smiled in the photos, clutching our bags as we thought we might be being hustled. However, Ben and the Swiss guy soon joined us and we all sat around attempting to communicate. As it was Easter Friday it was the end of Lent. This means they could drink again and have whatever they had given up for Lent. The locals were all very merry. They invited us to dinner with them at their home, but we couldn’t go as we were on a flight the next day. They then brought us a round of drinks, despite each drink being about a daily wage for them. We tried to pay, but they wouldn’t allow it. We had a very interesting time, as they spoke no English. We got by with the Spanish phrase book and miming what we were saying. We headed back to the hostel after that, feeling pretty merry ourselves.

The next day we flew to Santa Cruz in Bolivia.