We landed in Quito airport around 1am in the morning. When you are tired and grumpy nothing can be good, so my first impressions of Quito were not the best. Firstly we waited for ages for our luggage, only to find out that the screen was showing us the wrong carousel number. We hadn’t noticed that everyone from our plane had gone to the other belt and left. Then the guy that picked us up from the hostel was annoyed that our flight was an hour late. Clearly that was our fault. After the one hour drive to the city, we were given a brief welcome to our cheap and nasty hostel. The room was tiny and the other guests had clothes everywhere. Someone’s smelly pack was leaning against my pillow. It was not a good start to our Ecuadorian experience.

The next morning we were still exhausted. We managed to crawl out of bed and eat some breakfast. We had energetic plans to explore the city, but in the end we wandered around the Mariscal district we were staying in. We booked a few exciting adventures for the next few weeks and picked up our tickets for the Galapagos Islands. We stopped off at a BBQ restaurant where Ben had his first Sloppy Joe. He was surprised that it was sloppy. Then we decided to watch a movie in the hostel. The collection of movies was limited, but we managed to find the Hobbit in the mix. So there we sat on theother side of the world watching a “kiwi” movie.

Early the next morning we set off back to the airport to go to the Galapagos Islands.