We almost didn’t go to Paraty at all, but in a last minute decision we decided to go for one night. It turned out to be a lovely little seaside town with a lot of character. The town had celebrated its 346 year anniversary the night before we arrived. All the streets were cobble stoned and had little shops. When a horse and cart rattled past us, we thought perhaps we had stepped back in time. It seems not a lot had changed for that town in all those years.

Our hostel was right on the beach, but the water was quite muddy so it wasn’t the nicest swimming spot. It was called Geko Hostel and it was quite nice. We had wanted to go to the cachaca distillery, the place where they extract the sugar cane liquor, but we didn’t have time. Instead we went to a shop and tasted the different varieties. My favourite was sweet corn flavoured liquor. Delicious!

The most memorable part of Paraty was the number of stray dogs. The beach was riddled with them and they kept us awake into the wee hours of the night. It was a dog fight club right outside our window. They were mostly harmless, but we did have one instance where they snarled at us and one made a dive for my leg. Katie got her backpack off to take a swing, but it only licked my leg and ran away. I’m not sure if it was a lucky escape or just a dog with affection issues. One dog had such bad fleas if had scraped the skin off its face. It was like something out of a zombie movie. It was awful to see, as they obviously had no dog control in the town, so they were just running wild and suffering.

With my cold in full force, I decided to have a restful morning with Katie. Ben hired a bike and went for a look around the wider area. I was a little worried with cars being on the right side of the road, but Ben didn’t have any trouble working out who had to give way. We then wandered to the bus terminal to head back to Sao Paulo.