We had finally reached our last stop in South America. We had six days to spend in the Peruvian city and we had thoughts of travelling south to explore wider Peru. However, these were dashed when we realised we could also spend six days taking it easy. Travelling is a lot harder than one might imagine.

Our first three nights were spent in the historic centre of Lima. We stayed in the 1900s Backpackers Hostel, which was very nice. I was still recovering from the food poisoning incident, so we took it relatively slowly for a few days. We explored the old buildings and churches in the area. In one, the San Francisco Church, we did a tour that took us down into the catacombs which is filled with bones from people buried there. We also watched the changing of the guards at the Government House. This involved a 30 minute brass band performance and an elaborate march around the yard. We also went to the water park in the centre of the city. It is only open at night when all the water fountains are lit up. One of the most spectacular fountains had a huge display with water skyrocketed 80 metres into the sky.
The historic centre was very nice, but we were craving a more laid back atmosphere so we moved to the Miraflores district. This is one of the nicer suburbs close to the beach. We found a nice hostel, the Pirwa Hostel, where we were on the top floor with our own terrace area. Ben developed a cold at this time, so he went to bed for a few days. This gave me a chance to get some much-needed retail therapy. I spent a few days in the large department stores remembering the feel of clean clothes and fancy shoes. It didn’t take long to be reunited with my old friends and I spent a euphoric few days restocking my wardrobe for Canada. I managed to drag Ben to the shops long enough to purchase a shirt and tie for his interviews to come. We also went to a few movies at the local cinema, as it only cost $3NZD each. We saw Fast and the Furious 6 (great movie), Side Effects (great movie) and the Hangover 3 (atrocious movie).
The six days flew by and soon enough it was time to end our South American odyssey and begin our new adventure in Canada. The whole trip was amazing and an experience neither of us will ever forget.
Adios! Ciao! Hasta Luego!