Our first day back in La Paz was our official rest day. However, it never seems to work out that way. We were up at 9.30am for the free breakfast and then we headed into town. Katie spent the day in bed, as she still wasn’t feeling great. So Ben and I had a stroll around. We stopped at a nice cafe for lunch. Then we went for a walk in a park that didn’t seem to have an exit. We walked around and around this boring park trying to get out. We finally got out and headed for the Hotel Presidente. This is where the Urban Rush is offered. It’s a 50m abseil from the 18th floor of the hotel. As we arrived a girl was crying that she couldn’t do it, as she grasped the handle that she needed to let go of to get down.

Ben suited up in a spider man costume and went through the safety briefing. Soon enough he was out the window face first and abseiled down the building. He did jumps all the way, much to the horror of the poor crying girl. Ben went down twice and eventually the girl even got the courage to go down backwards. I was under no illusion that it was an activity I wanted to partake in. Ben had a blast.

That night we went to a steak house for dinner. The steak was delicious. Ben ordered all-you-can-eat ribs. It was a classic gringo restaurant, but was really good. That night I woke up with a fever. We checked out the following day and I was still feeling sick. We got a 3.5 hour bus to Copacabana, Bolivia. It wasn’t too fun for me, but was quite a scenic drive. Fingers crossed I don’t have malaria.