There are many beer tours for offer in Vancouver, but if you want to do it on the cheap then look no further. For something a little different, buy a day pass for the Aqua Bus or False Creek Ferries and make your way around the many pubs, breweries and bars that are nestled along the False Creek.

Begin your day at the Craft or the Tap & Barrel in Olympic Village. There are lovely patios that will allow for relaxed dining in the warm sun. The Craft offer an unbelievable number of beers on tap whether you are after a standard canadian beer or something more risque.The next stop is to head across the water to the Yaletown Ferry Dock for a drink at the Hurricane Grill. If you are feeling adventurous you can walk up to Mainland Street from here to try a variety of Vancouver’s best restaurants and bars.

From here you can take the ferry one stop to Stamp’s Landing to pop into Mahony & Sons or the Wicklow Pub. Mahony & Sons also has a nice patio if it is a sunny day. At this point you may want to nibble on some food, in which case I can recommend the dumplings. Beware, you will almost certainly get lost trying to find the washroom in Mahony & Sons.

The next stop is over to Granville Island for a taste of the artier side of life. Granville Island Brewing is nestled at the far end of the shops and has an amazing beer flight to try their different beers on tap. They even offer a shandy for those that like their beer a little sweeter. It may be hard to leave here, in which case you may be forced to try all their beers. The food at Granville Island Brewing is also delicious, so a stop here for dinner wouldn’t go amiss. I recommend the burger and fries.

For a final stop for the day you can take the ferry across to the Aquatic Center Ferry Dock and head for the TAP Shack, a fun pirate-themed bar nestled under the Burrard Bridge. The patio is great for a final stop, as you watch the tourists walk along the sea wall. The perfect ending to your outing is to head down to the beach to watch the sun set on the horizon. As the sun sets, a very happy version of yourself will love being in Vancouver, the greatest city on earth.