With summer nipping at our toes, the sun is plentiful and weekends are never long enough. One place that should definitely make your summer list is Brohm Lake. The lake is best seen from a large, comical floating device or if you aren’t so adventurous, a kayak or stand-up paddle board.

Brohm Lake is tucked away on the side of the Sea-to-Sky Highway, 15 minutes north of Squamish. The car park fills up quickly on weekends, but overflow parking is available south of the main car park.

There are two ways to experience the lake. The first is to blow up your comical floating device and take only what you can carry on your floatie with you. Whether to float on a pizza or a poop should be the most difficult decision you have to make. Head straight for the lake and climb aboard your vessel. The other option is to take your BBQ, picnic, tent, and camp chairs down to the lake and set up a camp for the day. This allows you to spend some time in the water and some time basking on the lake shore. You may need to carry your gear for 5-10 minutes to find a suitable, available spot for the day.

Floaties can be purchased from Canadian Tyre, Costco, other large department stores, or for the more comical style, on the internet. Canadian Tyre have a floatie that can hold up to 10 people and all your food and drink for the day. Don’t forget your pirate hat.

Floating down the lake is relaxing and is the perfect place to reflect on how beautiful British Columbia is. The lake is large enough that even on a busy day, there is room for everyone. There are a number of rocks along the way good for jumping into the lake. At the North end of the lake there is a rope swing. The swing is not on the sunny side of the lake, so it can get a little cold on cooler days. The swing is a popular destination and a good spot to turn around and paddle back down the lake.

To float down the lake and gentle paddle back can take around 1.5-2 hours. Take snacks, something to drink, sunglasses, sunscreen, paddles if you want to increase your cruising speed, and nautical puns. Did you sea what I did there?

Photo credits: Stephen Li