As summer arrives, with warmer days and the sun sitting in the sky for longer each day, Lynn Canyon is the best place to go. It is filled with hiking trails, ranging from easy to difficult. The easier trails follow the river, the more difficult head up the surrounding mountains. To the north end of the river there are some nice swimming spots. They are a bit too cold to swim in spring, unless you are of the furry variety (a dog). In the height of summer 30 Foot Pool is a gong show. Even in the heat of summer the pool will turn your toes a shocking shade of blue in seconds. Plus, you will be surrounded by ten thousand of your closest friends at all times. Although, the sounds of polite Canadian kids calling “jumping!” as they heave themselves off the precarious mountain tufts they have crawled up to can be a day’s entertainment in itself. In spring however, this wonder is yours to enjoy in relative peace.

A stroll across the suspension bridge is recommended. It’s not quite as nice as the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but it is free. There can be thralls of selfie-snapping tourists at the bridge, with their DSLRs permanently on automatic mode. The good news is many tourists only make it as far as the bridge, so have a quick look then continue on to enjoy the quieter trails. Even on a hot summer’s day you can generally find a river side spot to enjoy your lunch in peace.

For a more challenging hike you can walk to the top of Lynn Peak. It is a 2.5 hour walk to the top (4 hour return). The views can be spectacular, unless you go on a cloudy day like I did and get zip in return for your sweat. However, it does provide motivation to return and find out what the view really is like (and on the second visit it turned out to be very nice).

It can be hot in the valley, so a stop at the End of the Line General Store for ice cream is highly recommended. Even if it’s a cold day, it’s almost worth hypothermia in exchange for a delicious cheesecake flavored ice cream. Bonus – you won’t end up joining a line half way around the block to get an ice cream like Bella Gelateria in Vancouver.

Lynn Canyon can easily be reached by public transit (Translink bus #227 & #228).