The best thing about Harrison Lake is that it has something to offer every time of the year. The downside is that it means you have to go back again… and again… and again.

In the summer the lake is stunning. If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, then you probably aren’t reading this post because you’re too busy boating with your boating friends. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a boat, then try to make boating friends or do anything you can to skim the waters on this beautiful lake. You can swim in the water, although it can be pretty cold. There is a small stretch of restaurants along the shore, offering patios with views of the lake and cold beer.

There are a number of hikes in the area. If you have a car, drive along Rockwell Drive out to Hicks Lake and Deer Lake. Hicks Lake has a lovely walk around it (about 2 hours full circle), but the track can be a little hard to follow. You can also hire canoes and kayaks at the carpark end of the lake, which allow you a pleasant explore. They have a limited number of kayaks, so get in early to secure your vessel.

I would not recommend the walk (or lack of) around Deer Lake. It starts out in what appears to be a trail, but soon becomes bush whacking Bear Grylls style. Before you wrangle a squirrel and eat it, just give up and go back to Hicks Lake. Do not swim in Deer Lake. It has “duck itch”, which feels like the power of a thousand ants ripping your skin off. In fact, just don’t go to Deer Lake. Hicks Lake is much better. Although there is a nice camping are at Deer Lake.

The real reason to go to Harrison Lake, is of course, for the hot springs. There are public hot springs in town, but the Harrison Resort & Spa has its own private hot pools for guests only. The hotel has both older “vintage” rooms and nicer “fancy” rooms. Both give you access to the pools included in your room rate. It’s definitely worth staying there to get access to the pools, even if you are staying in the “vintage” end. The “fancy” end of the hotel is more expensive, but the water-side rooms have lovely views over the lake and the decor is modern and fresh.