Living in Vancouver, you can get spoiled by beautiful lakes surrounded by stunning mountains. On occasion I look at a photo and I can’t determine from which one of the magical places I have been to it was taken. Buntzen Lake is one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, this lake is worth a visit and it’s only an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. This lake has the feel of being miles (kilometers just doesn’t sound right) from anywhere. Except that, given it’s proximity, it is generally busy on a warm sunny day. An overcast, cloudy, fall day is the perfect time to visit. No crowds, no noise, just you and the majesty. Not the queen, just the mountains.

There are quite a few hikes around Buntzen Lake. If you have selected a cool autumn day, then chances are you aren’t feeling like a strenuous hike (which the lake offers too). There is a short forest amble, not to be mistaken for a walk or a hike, to the left of the lake which takes you on a short stroll through trees, scrub, and lake views.

What is amazing about Buntzen lake is that in other countries you have to travel a great distance to see such a beautiful view. Here,  the mountains rise out of the sparkling water, covered in trees, and you’ve barely left town.

Buntzen Lake is also the perfect spot for a picnic. Not so much on cooler days, but perfect in the summer or warmer spring days. The lake also has a dog park, which is great for the dogs to play around in and keep them out of the way of the non-dog loving visitors.